Buying property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey and buying in the Europe are similar experiences. The main difference is the requirement to obtain permission from the military to purchase the property prior to completion, as non-nationals are only permitted to buy within a designated town area.

If you are “nearly” decided for a particular property, but you are not a hundred percent sure, you can reserve it. The reservation is, of course, free of charge.

If you have decided to buy that particular property we will prepare with you a legal purchase contract on behalf of the owner/seller. Unlike in many European countries, a property in Turkey is transferred to a new owner at the Land Office (“TAPU Office”) only and not through a notary public. A notary public is not authorised to perform such acts in Turkey.

Upon execution of the purchase contract, you will have to pay the deposit (20% of the purchase price). Thereafter, we will apply with the TAPU Office for property transfer on the Title Deed.

To do that, we will need from you certain personal data (such as the name of your father and your mother), a passport copy, passport format photographs (4 pcs) and a tax number we will apply for on your behalf with the tax office.

Transfer of a property to a foreigner takes normally 1 - 5 days. We will undergo all the administrative procedures connected with the purchase, such as getting the taxation value of your property from the municipalities, on your behalf in advance.

We regularly inquire with the TAPU Office whether the transfer to you and your Title Deed are ready. As soon as they are ready, we will forthwith inform you and ask you to state the date and time, when you appear at the TAPU Office.

In ideal circumstances, both the buyer and the seller are present at the TAPU Office during transfer of the property. If you cannot be present during the transfer procedure, you can grant us power of attorney. This power of attorney must be certified by a notary public. If you appear at the TAPU Office you will meet there the seller, us as the real estate agent and the court interpreter who must be present according to the Turkish law. Before transfer on the Title Deed, the remaining portion of the purchase price, property taxes and fees must be paid.

You will find all fees connected with purchase of a property in Turkey below, clicking the text: Cost related to purchase of the property in Turkey

Our work is not finished, although you already have your Title Deed and the keys to your home. We will help you connect the electricity, water and phone. We will provide you with our support in furnishing your apartment or villa. Should you desire to make small or large changes, we will offer you our professional personnel.

We are ready to provide you with our real estate services in Alanya so that you do not have to spend your holiday time to pay the invoices, insurance and other formalities. This will make you sure that all your bills are paid regularly and in time and that there is someone who keeps an eye on your home when you are not there at regular intervals.

When all of that is done, it’s time to wish you to enjoy your new home and thank you for your faith that you put in us.

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