Property in Belek

The Turkish resort of Belek is located in the heart of the Turkish Riviera. As one of the higher-class holiday destinations, it will satisfy even the most demanding clientele, who have slightly higher demands on their holiday. Modern hotels, golf, but also beautiful sandy beaches and many monuments - that's exactly what awaits you in Belek.

Belek is located near the city of Antalya, which is one of the most visited cities in Turkey. Antalya is one of the most visited cities in Turkey and is approximately 33 kilometers from Antalya. As for the weather, if you plan to spend your free time swimming in the sea, go here during the main tourist season (which is from June to September). If you're also going to visit the natural beauty here, you probably don't want to deal with temperatures of up to 39 degrees, so you'll be better off in the off-season (May or October), when the thermometer shows an average of 27 degrees.

Of course, even the weather outside of the season invites you to swim, just look for a beautiful sandy beach. And Belek is the right place to get such a beach. At least that's how the European Union sees it, which praised the beach in Belek for its high quality, naturalness and preserved natural character.
By the way, did you know that turtles also hatch on the beach in Belek every year? And that also says something about the quality of the sandy beach.

Of course, not only people who are looking for a break will have a good time in Belek. This luxury tourist destination promises much more. Sports enthusiasts can try their hand at golf at local luxury, renowned resorts. Adventurers can visit the natural beauty here, and historians can explore the monuments that literally breathe the past.
All this for very reasonable prices. Turkey is very affordable from the point of view of foreign tourists. The Turkish lira is a very weak currency, and although inflation is currently high here, prices are still more affordable than, for example, in the Czech Republic.

Your itinerary will include not only the golf courses, which are modern, high-quality and visually very interesting, but also the local center, which is interwoven with cozy streets, lots of greenery and lots of fountains. You should not miss the aforementioned Belek beach, which is one of the most beautiful in the world.

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