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Side - a picturesque Turkish town located on a small peninsula jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea. Currently, it ranks among the most popular tourist destinations. It has a lot to offer tourists, including sandy beaches, beautiful sunny weather or good accessibility from the nearby airport.

The home of pirates - that's how the Turkish town of Side is still called today. Even if today the reality is far from the sign, nevertheless the local city lives by it. However, the attraction is not only the tourist facilities, which are at a really high level, but also the local weather. For swimming, it is from August to October (the extreme months are a few degrees cooler, the main tourist season is characterized by heat reaching up to 36 °).
The sea temperature is acceptable in both the main and secondary seasons. It's about 26°, so no one really needs to be ashamed (not even the biggest ice cream person).

The Turkish city of Side offers three beaches. The first one is roughly 12 kilometers long, and although it is mostly sandy, it is interspersed with small pebbles in places. Thanks to its width and gradual entrance to the sea, it is sought after by practically anyone - couples and families with children.
The second beach is also sandy and since there are no hotels in the vicinity, you will practically not meet a single person here. Moreover, it is accessible only from the western end near the old city center, otherwise you cannot get here.
The third is used primarily by those who have their own real estate here in Turkey. The beach is relatively small, so it fills up very quickly.

The beaches are the main attraction of the Turkish city of Side. And when impressive, high-quality hotels and various accommodations are added to that, one does not think about another Turkish location. In addition, there are many monuments and beautiful harbors available, ideal for a typical relaxing vacation. In terms of finances, we are talking about an acceptable option.

Turkish Side may seem like Greece to many tourists. There are many monuments here that really remind of Greece. For example, the remains of the Temple of Apollo and Athena located at the tip of the peninsula are more than breathtaking, especially at sunrise or sunset.

The Agora, or market place of Roman times, will also transport us to the past. Although there are only remains now, it used to be a two-story building. Next to it are the remains of a circular temple dedicated to the goddess of fortune.

If you are a museum lover, you must not miss the museum, which, although small, hides wonderful collections inside.

In addition to the beautiful views of the rock walls descending straight into the sea, you can visit, for example, the local waterfall in this Turkish destination. Compared to other Turkish waterfalls, it is smaller, but it is very strong and wide, falling in a lower position. He was previously called Melas.

Near Manavgat there is also a canyon and the Köprülü National Park, which offers beautiful nature.

Since Manavgat is the base of the Side resort, you can also spend your day in this historic town. Lovers of history or architectural monuments will have their hearts racing, because there is no shortage of such ancient monuments here. Various excavations or ruins of castles or amphitheatres can also be seen. Side Museum

If you are a museum lover, you must not miss the museum, which, although small, hides wonderful collections inside.

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