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The location of Bodrum - attracts tourists mainly to the local monuments, which are world-famous and recognized. In addition, there is a picturesque harbor and beautiful beaches with surrounding clean sea.

Thanks to its location, Bodrum has a truly unique charm, and thanks to the smaller number of residents, it is not crowded even in the main tourist season. The weather here is comparable to other Turkish resorts. It is beautifully sunny and temperatures can reach up to 38° (especially in summer and September). In May or October, the thermometer shows 28 °C.
As for the sea temperature, it is similar to the air temperature in the next tourist season, i.e. approximately 27 °C. You can also swim in October, when the temperatures are generally more pleasant.

In Turkey, you will find mostly sandy beaches, and Bodrum is no different. The sandy beaches here are almost pebbly and blend nicely with the surroundings. The beaches here are also very clean and well maintained, ideal for relaxing and swimming in the turquoise sea.
The beaches are wide and long and offer enough space for everyone.

So you can imagine a holiday in the Turkish location of Bodrum in different ways. It can be a purely relaxing vacation, but on the other hand, it can also be considered very touristic. There are more than enough sights, many of them world-famous and well-known, so your itinerary will fill up very quickly.
Adrenaline lovers will get their money's worth thanks to water sports.

If you decided to explore a bit of Bodrum, then the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is definitely worth a visit.
One of the main sights of Bodrum is St. Peter's Castle, which is even open to the public. It separates the eastern bay from the western bay, so you get a really remarkable view of the surroundings.

Do you love the theater and wonder what it looked like years ago? There is a Roman amphitheater or theater in Bodrum that is built on a hillside. It offers an extraordinary view of the city and its surroundings.

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