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Are you looking for property in Alanya?
We will find you your second holiday home in Turkey. 



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Cost related to purchase


Conveyance tax:

    4 % of the property value stated in the Tapu Office. This is paid at one of the State Banks at the
    time of conveyance (the amount stated in the Tapu Office is lower than the real property value
    and approximately between 800-1500 Eur)


 Fee at the Tapu Office:

    Application of the Tapu to the  military authority of Izmir, Clerical expenses of the Tapu office
    Costs for the Tapu transfer (sworn interpreter, processing & transfer)

    Approx. 250 Eur

 Giving Power of Attorney:

   Approx. 100 Eur

  Obtaining “Completion Report” - Iskan (Newly built properties only):

    Starting from 350 Eur, depending on the size and the location.



 New connection of electricity meter:

    Approx. 150 Eur (once only)

Name transfer of an existing connection:

    Approx.  60 Eur (once only)

 Energy cost per kwh:
    Approx.  0,10 Eur


 New connection of water meter:

    Approx.  150 Eur (once only)

 Name transfer of an existing connection:

    Approx.  60 Eur (once only)

 Water cost per m3:

    Approx. 0,75 Eur


 Property tax:
    0,1% of the property value declared by the local municipality
    (to be paid before the end of May each year).